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Morning Routine: Wake Up Alarm

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The description of Morning Routine: Wake Up Alarm

Morning routine tracker with alarm clock and simple daily habits: gratitude journal, diary, yoga, visualization, meditation and positive affirmations. Download the app, set the wake up alarm and start your miracle morning. Make your waking up easy and be more efficient, productive and motivated! You can also personalize the app to include your favorite daily habits in the morning routine.

• Start your morning routine with meditation, which helps wake up your mind slowly.
• Daily affirmations charge you with positive emotions.
• Gratitude journal. Write down all your gratitudes, great ideas and achievements with a daily diary entry.
• Visualization motivates you and helps you understand what you want to achieve.
• Morning yoga charges you with energy.
• A habit of morning reading will begin your day productively.
• Set the wake up alarm to not oversleep.
And any of your favorite miracle morning routines!

Discover a miracle morning full of new emotions, beauty, delight and energy. Make your morning routine enjoyable and learn simple daily habits. On the routine tracker progress page, you will be able to see your results and strides for each day.

The free version of this daily routine tracker app has access to the most common morning meditations and free positive affirmations. Join this app to start waking up easily and begin building your own miracle morning.

Miracle morning routine checklist:
• Try to wake up early, set an alarm clock at 5 am or 6 am.
• Do a small meditation.
• Read one or more positive affirmations.
• Continue your morning routine with visualization.
• Don’t forget to fill your gratitude journal & diary.
• Wake up with some yoga & exercise.
• Read a few pages of your favorite book.
• Add your own habits & routines to complete your miracle morning.

Congrats! You finished your morning routine and got motivated for the day! Make this ritual a daily habit and this morning routine tracker app will help you. Don’t forget to write diary and say thanks to our app in your gratitude journal :)

How to write positive affirmations correctly:
• Affirmations should always be in the present tense.
• Affirmations must be clear.
• Daily affirmations should be enjoyable.
• Your affirmation target should be exactly what you want, no sacrifices. Yes, it's a miracle and it works.

How to meditate?
• Choose a place to meditate.
• Get in the right posture.
• Relax your body.

It’s recommended to meditate for 15-20 minutes. Morning meditation will help you wake up, put your mind in order, give you a boost of energy and prepare you for the beginning of the day. Make morning meditation a necessary, simple daily habit and start your miracle morning from it. This is a simple routine habit that is aimed at achieving personal happiness and harmony. In the evening it will reduce any stress and relieve annoying thoughts and worries. Try not to miss even a single session.

Of course, it is better to meditate in a quiet home environment. Nothing should distract you. You don’t have to be an expert in yoga. The main thing is that your back is straight and comfortable for you. With correct posture, it's easier for you to breathe and air flows better through your lungs. This is also required to maintain awareness - not slipping into a sleep but still maintaining relaxation.

Close your eyes and try to completely relax! This is perhaps the most important aspect of meditation! Try to find the parts of your body that are tense and relax them. Try to coordinate this process with breathing: Inhale, focus your attention on the tense part of the body, exhale, relax. Direct your attention to your breath or a mantra. When practice ends, you will hear the alarm clock. Will be great, if you write your gratitude journal or diary after.

We wish you a successful and healthy future with your miracle morning! Hope that this simple routine tracker app with a diary, gratitude journal, alarm clock and routine planner will make your waking up much better!

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Publish Date: Jul 16, 2022

Latest Version: 1.2.3

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