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The description of Learn Computer Fundamentals and Computer Science

This App has been prepared for beginners as well as advanced learners who want to deal with computers. The App is also very useful for undergraduate students of computer science, engineering, business administration, management, science, commerce and arts, where an introductory course on computers is a part of curriculum.

The computer science dictionary contains more than 1000 computer essential terms with brief description, so that students further enhance their knowledge and skills by getting a strong grip on the subject of computer science.

The computer science interview questions provide an extra opportunity to students to clear their concept before attempting a job interview.

Few Important Concepts covered in this App are Listed Below
- Fundamental Concept
- Role of Computer in Today’s World
- Basics of Computer Science - System
- Programming Languages
- Hardware and Software
- Analog and Digital
- Operating System
- Basics of Computer Science - Internet
- Types of Computer
- Computer Networking Terminology
- Basics of Computer Science – Applications
- Generations of Computer
- Data Processing
- Basics of Computer Science - Networking
- Computer Related Jobs
- Electronic Commerce
- Software Programming
- Algorithm Flowchart
- Basics of Computer Science - Extranet
- Basics of Computer Science - Mobile
- Windows Desktop Elements
- Basics of Computer Science – Multimedia
- Basics of Computer Science - Security
- Basics of Computer Science – Threat
- Basics of Computer Science - Virus
- Computer Science: Abbreviations
- Computer Science: Development
- Computer Science: Innovators
- Short-cut Keys
- The Second Generation
- The Third Generation
- The Fourth Generation
- The Fifth Generation
- Flow Control and Error Control
- Switching Techniques: Circuit Switching
- Message Switching
- Packet Switching
- Datagram Packet Switching Networks
- Synchronous Optical Network (SONET)
- Why Synchronize?
- Physical Configuration and Network Elements
- Frame Relay
- Asynchronous Transfer Mode Switching (ATM)
- Network Topology
- Token Bus (IEEE 802.4)
- High Speed LANs – Token Ring Based
- Fault Tolerance
- High Speed LANs – CSMA/CD based
- Wireless LANs
- Bluetooth
- Bluetooth Architecture
- Satellite Networks
- Medium Earth Orbit Satellites

Learn Computer Fundamentals
Computer is an advanced electronic device that takes raw data as an input from the user and processes it under the control of a set of instructions (called program), produces a result (output), and saves it for future use. This tutorial explains the foundational concepts of computer hardware, software, operating systems, peripherals, etc. along with how to get the most value and impact from computer technology.

Learn Operating System (OS)
An operating system is a collection of software that manages computer hardware resources and provides common services for computer programs. The operating system is a vital component of the system software in a computer system. This app will take you through step by step approach while learning Operating System concepts.

Learn Computer Security
Computer Security is the process of detecting and preventing any unauthorized use of your laptop/computer. It involves the process of safeguarding against trespassers from using your personal or office based computer resources with malicious intent or for their own gains, or even for gaining any access to them accidentally.

Learn Computer Network and Data Communication
Data communications refers to the transmission of this digital data between two or more computers and a computer network or data network is a telecommunications network that allows computers to exchange data. The physical connection between networked computing devices is established using either cable media or wireless media. The best-known computer network is the Internet.

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