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4.55 for Android

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The description of Ошейник, текстовый квест

The text quest "Collar" is an interactive game book with a choice of actions that affect the further plot.

Join early access and go through the first volume of four radically different stories, already containing about a thousand story branches, intersecting and often mutually exclusive. The volume of the written text exceeds “War and Peace”, and a new part of the story is on the way!

The main character of the Collar is a noble girl who, by the will of fate, fell into slavery. All she wants is to regain freedom for herself and her brother, and also to find out why her father was actually executed. On the way to this goal, you and her will have to overcome many difficulties in the world of a cruel tale, where nothing is given just like that, and each action leads to unexpected consequences.

By discovering this quest for yourself, you will get both a high-quality literary work and many hours of RPG gameplay with hardcore puzzles, mini-games and mechanics woven into the story with a minimum of conventions.

Your choice really affects!
Be prepared for the fact that any perfect action comes around not only on the next page or in the current chapter, but also in the very ending of the story, and a careless word will open or close huge story branches with many alternative possibilities. The game world of the "Collar" lives regardless of which path the heroine follows - the plot branches that you choose continue to overlap and influence each other.

Crazy freedom of choice allows you to go through the "Collar" countless times, and each new passage is surprised at a different turn of events!

• Immerse yourself in a fantasy atmosphere by reading the story of the exciting adventures of the main character in the second person.
• Start your path to freedom and manage to stay on it until the end, completing story missions.
• Choose the talent of the heroine and use the advantages given by nature throughout history!
• Interact with living, well-developed characters who are not able to leave the reader indifferent.
• Freely navigate between locations of the game world, finding new features and hidden storylines.
• Solve a wide variety of tasks and puzzles that are part of the plot, or look for a way around them without solving!
• Search and solve ciphers, go through arcades and mini-games.
• Collect items and resources, and then use them wisely, achieving the best passing results.
• Compare and analyze facts.
• Develop realistic romantic relationships with characters who do not lose this logic of behavior.
• Join one of the four camps and influence the foreign and domestic policies of the two kingdoms with the epic consequences of decisions made.
• Comprehend scientific magic and witchcraft, make contacts with gods and demons, or stay away from the supernatural.
• Count money, write poems, forge documents, steal from your pockets and break open locks.
• Run away from danger or fight enemies with unusual weapons.
• Watch how the heroine's reputation grows and collapses.
• Pump up an exotic pet and expose him to the tournament.
• Get hundreds of achievements!
• Avoid tricky traps and get help with difficult choices by turning on the hint mode in the menu!
• Find your best outcome from dozens of possible ones, and then start from the beginning and a couple of choices change the story again beyond recognition!

If you are not looking for easy reading in the evening and are ready for a real test of morality and intelligence, which rewards the attentive and thoughtful, and careless rolls in the mud - go for it!

Category: Free Role Playing Games

Publish Date: Oct 17, 2022

Latest Version: 4.55

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Requirements: 4.1

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